Structure & Surface / C.P


  This afternoon, we started the Structure and Surface project. Our tutors give us to 18 different words and they wanted us to learn these and investigate 12 of them so I chose 12 words from the Visual Dictionary which are Fragile, Looped, Perforated, Porous, Stretched, Facetted, Modular, Knitted, Skeletal, Textured, Covered and woven. After that, I gathered two different drawings or photos for each word. I started taking photos on the Archway campus. However, as it was insufficient, I continued to investigate with some of the objects I saw at home or on the road. I drew the details of some of the photos, this situation helped me understand these words. Today I finally transferred my primary research to workflow and completed my sketchbook.  I plan to do secondary research tomorrow. 


 Last year, I researched a structure inspired by a spider web and it impressed me a lot so in my primary research, I photographed spider webs and water drops under the topic of fragile and then I decided to investigate further. At the same time, our tutors wanted us to choose 6 words from the Visual Dictionary so I chose Stretched, Facetted, Porous, Skeletal with Fragile for my secondary research because I'm more impressed with these words. Besides these, I want to study architecture so I plan to choose C as the pathway. I started to research artists and buildings. I'm trying to follow the concepts I'm working on when choosing architects and structures. I plan to complete all my research at the end of the night.

The other half of the day, I attended the contextual practice class. Before class, the tutor asked us to bring an object so I chose the word Facitted and brought liquid soap dispenser as an object. The reason I chose this word is that I use it in my secondary research and it is a concept that we often encounter around us. Today, I learned how to examine objects and what questions to use for that. The hard part was finding answers to the questions because some questions were challenging.

WhatsApp Image 2019-10-08 at 11.45.38 PM.jpeg

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  At the end of the day, we categorized our objects and then we did own Prown Analysis. 



Prown Analysis


  Today was a tough day. Based on our research, we made fast and small drawings according to our pathway. Then we made these drawings in 3D by using different materials. In each model, we highlighted a different word. I chose the words Fragile, Skeletal, Looped and Stretched because they were more creative for architecture. While making the models, I was inspired by the architectural designs that were research pages and also I learned how important test models are. because during this part, I changed my outcome's ideas a lot of time. Maybe if I hadn't tried something 3D, I wouldn't have thought of new ideas.

 Pavillion / Looped








 Museum / Stretched






Art Center / Skeletal 







 Business Center / Fragile





WhatsApp Image 2019-10-09 at 2.44.39 AM-8.jpeg.3


Today, I started to drawings for my outcome. I chose terms of fragile because I got feedback from my group mates for the previous 3d models and they said that fragile concept could have be more creative for my idea. After that, I decided to use the Spider webs form. I was planning to create pavilion and I would use web form on the roof part. I did some sketches for it but after the trial models part I changed my mind. I will be working on the skyscraper.


On the second day of the week, I started to make my 3D model. Firstly, I drew different spider webs form on the paper and then I tried to get a 3D view by cutting the gaps. After that, I started to create the main building. First I tried with cardboard, then with plastic, but I could not get the result I want so I decided to do a ceramic workshop. The reason I chose ceramics was that it was easy to shape and dry. The only difficult part of ceramics was the constant cracking. 


During this project, my perspective on identifying and examining objects has improved because I learned a lot of different vocabs. At the same time, studying these words through research helped me to understand the word and use it in everyday life. I found at least two examples of each word and observed the artist's work using these words. After the researches, I wanted to focus on the concept of spider webs for my outcome. Before deciding what to do, I examined a lot of architectural works and got ideas. At first, I wanted to make a pavilion, but after making a test model, my idea shifted towards the skyscraper. In my work, I took advantage of the form of the spider web and wanted it to give the feeling of enveloping the building like a Ryohei Koike and Jardon Poenisch's Nested Skyscraper. The most fun part of my work was the 3D modeling part because I've done a ceramics workshop for the first time. it was a very different experience for me, and I realized that using different materials brings new ideas. At the end of my project, I designed a skyscraper business center.